Our Approach to Achieving a Sustainable Society

Under our mission of creating a future where everyone has a fulfilling life by solving the social issues in Japan’s healthcare industry, TRYT Group strives to create value for building a better future toward achieving a sustainable society with our employees, job seekers, medical and welfare institutions, and other diverse stakeholders. We promote to fulfill working environment in the healthcare industry and contribute to resolving issues faced by all stakeholders involved in this industry.

Key Initiatives

With our group’s two key topics of “Contribution to the development of the essential industries focused on medical and welfare” and "Establishment of a management foundation for sustainable expansion of corporate value,” we promote initiatives to achieve a sustainable society based on the following measures.

Initiative 1: Contribution to the development of the essential industries focused on medical and welfare

1) Resolving labor shortages in healthcare industries

Fulfilling human resource needs by matching support and achieving retention rate

Our career advisors, approximately 1,500 of them, provide human resource services tailored to regional characteristics and the needs of each facility. A single career advisor provides attentive support to both a job seeker and a hiring company, we make the best proposal that matches the needs of the job seeker at an early stage, to enable to match the most suitable candidate for both parties. We offer recruitment support with a variety of options, such as direct recruiting in which companies approach job seekers directly to implement the hiring process.

  • * Annual average for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2022

Creation of human resources and opportunities to work in the healthcare industry

In our super-aging society, securing human resources to work in the healthcare industry, especially in the nursing care, has become a social issue; According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, there will be a shortage of approximately 700,000 nursing care workers by 2040. On the other hand, many people are simply unaware of qualifications and skills required to the nursing care industry. TRYT Group offers reskilling support and post-acquisition employment assistance for those considering working in the nursing care industry for the first time. TRYT Career's “Care Worker College” offers “entry-level nursing care worker training program” in 47 prefectures throughout Japan through the partnerships.

2) Reducing the burden of medical and welfare field, and improve labor productivity in the healthcare industry

Promoting DX in the healthcare industry

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare※ in 2040 when the elderly population is expected to peak, 10.7 million people will be needed to work in the healthcare and social assistance sector while only 9.74 million people are expected to be secured, resulting in a shortage of approximately 1 million workers. To compensate for the declining workforce in the healthcare industry, we aim to contribute to reducing the burden of medical and welfare field, and improving labor productivity of the industry by promoting DX that is tailored to the on-site facilities of the medical and welfare field.

  • * Elderly population refer to the population aged 65 and over. For the elderly population in 2019, refer to “Population Estimates (Nationwide: Population by age (each age group), sex, and prefecture: Population by age (5 age groups), sex-” (2019(2021)), Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Elderly population and the % of the elderly in the total population in 2040 are estimated from “Population in Japan” by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, “Population Census” by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and “Population Projections for Japan (2017 Estimates)” (births middle (death middle)) by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research).

3) Enhancing happiness and prosperity in the medical and welfare field

Initiatives to enhance the happiness and prosperity of all people involved in the medical and welfare field

Together with employees and stakeholders of TRYT Group, we are going to promote the "Happy Life Project" to initiate activities that lead to the fulfillment of the workers in the medical and welfare field. We are hoping to conduct various activities as a member of the local community, as well as co-creating activities in collaboration with companies, NPOs, NGOs, and students who will lead the next generations.

Initiative 2: Establishment of a management foundation for sustainable expansion of corporate value


  • Lead a system to support employee development and provide growth opportunities for employees*
  • Promote a corporate culture and climate that provides job satisfaction to employees*
  • Ensure a safe and secure work environment
  • * Full-time employees and contract employees of TRYT Group

For the sustainable growth of TRYT Group, we believe that it is essential to provide each and every one of employees with opportunities for growth through working environment in which they can play an active role. We will take on the challenge of creating value for a better future by fostering a corporate culture in which employees feel fulfilled, proactive, and motivated, and by ensuring a safe and secure working environment.

Compliance and risk management

  • Ensure compliance and strengthen cyber security measures

In addition to providing education for legal compliance and harassment prevention and introducing a “hotline,” we will strengthen and expand measures to prepare for cyber security, which is becoming more advanced and sophisticated every day, and improve IT literacy.

Corporate governance

  • Build and maintain a board of directors that promotes long-term corporate value

To enhance management efficiency as well as management soundness, transparency, and compliance, we will build an organizational structure that can respond quickly and flexibly to changes in the business environment while enhancing corporate governance and conducting transparent and efficient management.

Corporate Governance