Priority Themes

4 Priority Themes and specific initiatives

1. Promoting the retention of human resources in the healthcare, welfare and construction industries while creating diverse job opportunities

  • Matching of HR needs
  • Supporting reemployment of potential qualification holders
  • Skill development through qualification acquisition and establishing a dedicated team

2. Supporting the creation of a work-friendly environment for professionals in the healthcare and welfare industry

  • Providing ICT solutions
  • Supporting the digitization of elderly care field
  • Developing healthcare IT talent

3. Cultivating a corporate culture that ensures employee growth and job satisfaction

  • Driving Purpose Value penetration activities
  • Recognizing outstanding employees through TRYT Award
  • Expanding diversity promotion initiatives

4. Building and operating a management foundation that supports sustainable business growth

  • Ensuring workplace safety
  • Enhancing education program on compliance and risk management
  • Strengthening cybersecurity measures