Basic Policy on Responding to Antisocial Forces

The Company’s basic policy on responding to antisocial forces is as follows:

1) Organizational action

The entire organization, from top management on down, takes action against antisocial forces, not leaving it up to individuals or specific departments. We also protect the safety of responding employees.

2) Cooperation with external professional organizations

In preparation for unjust demands by antisocial forces, the Company builds close cooperative relationships with the police, the National Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations, lawyers, and other professionals in our daily operations.

3) No relationships, including business transactions

We will never have any relationships, including business transactions, with antisocial forces. We refuse any unjust demands by antisocial forces.

4) Legal action (civil and criminal) against unjust demands

We take a firm attitude against unjust demands by antisocial forces and will not hesitate to take legal action, both civil and criminal.

5) No backroom deals or funding

Even if we are approached by antisocial forces exploiting misconduct in the Company’s business or misconduct by employees, we will never accept unjust demands or engage in backroom deals with them to cover up such misconduct. We will never provide funds to antisocial forces.

Established: April 26, 2022