Nov. 2004

The Group founded

Dec. 2006

Medical Division established
Iryou Worker (medical worker placement) website opened

May 2010

Tokyo Head Office opened

Nov. 2010

Nagoya Branch Office opened

May 2012

Fukuoka and Sapporo Branch Offices opened

Nov. 2012

Yakuzaishi Worker (pharmacist placement) website opened

Dec. 2012

Yokohama and Kobe Branch Offices opened

Feb. 2013

PTOTST Worker (PTs, OTs, STsplacement) website opened

Mar. 2013

Kyoto Branch Office opened

May 2013

Hiroshima Branch Office opened

Oct. 2013

Dokutaazu Worker (doctors placement) website opened

Nov. 2013

Omiya Branch Office opened

Dec. 2013

Kaigo Worker (caregiver placement) website opened

Feb. 2014

TSME Corporation (currently TRYT Career Inc.) and Media Made Corporation (currently TRYT Inc.) established

May 2014

Sendai Branch Office opened

July 2015

Shizuoka Branch Office opened

Jan. 2016

TSWay Corporation (currently TRYT Inc.) established

May. 2016

Hoikushi Worker/Dentaru Worker (childcare worker and dental worker placement) websites opened

Apr. 2017

Eiyoushi Worker (Nutritionist Staff placement) websites opened

Jun. 2017

Funabashi Branch Office opened

Aug. 2017

Takamatsu Branch Office opened

Nov. 2017

Niigata Branch Office opened

Feb. 2019

Kumamoto Branch Office opened

Mar. 2019

Osaka Branch Office opened

Apr. 2019

Okinawa Branch Office opened

Nov. 2020

Companies in the TRYT Group changed their names (TRYT Inc., TRYT Carrier Inc. andTRYT Engineering Inc.)

Apr. 2021

AI Care Lab website, an AI/DX-specialized media service for caregivers and welfare workers, opened

Aug. 2021

HAB&Co. Inc. joined the Group

Dec. 2021

TRYT Inc. (the former TRYT) absorbed and merged Company name changed to TRYT Inc.

Jan. 2022

WELKS Corporation joined the Group

Jul. 2022

Management integration of WELKS Corporation into TRYT Career Inc.

Dec. 2022

TRYT Worker placement website opened

Jun. 2023

BRIGHTVIE Co., Ltd. joined the Group

Jul. 2023

Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market