Message from CEO

In November 2020, TS Group launched the new endeavour as TRYT Group. The new name consists of two “T”s which we have always been treasuring , “T” for Try and “T” for Together connected by “RY” originating from Right (pursuing righteousness). As part of our corporate-wide rebranding, we now have new Vision and Value as well. We will strive to “Change lives for better” and “transform the future of society” through our professional recruitment and temporary job staffing businesses as well as by upskilling and developing employability for tomorrow’s talents.

One of the major social issue in Japan is the shortage of long-term eldrely care workers. To tackle this issue, we opened “HamiSuku” Design School for elderly care workers in Namba, Osaka (Hami stands for baby steps; Suku stands for school)in 2020. Through this industry-leading “baby steps” initiative, together with next generation industry leaders, TRYT Group is exploring innovative ways to send out messages to the society which will transform the negative image of this challenging and meaningful job into a positive one.

TRYT Group believes that by continuing to develop employability for future talents and providing innovative services to support such talents and workplace, we can make our vision come true.

TRYT Group’s strength

One of the reasons why we continue to grow over 40% almost every year is because we specialize in recruiting and tenmporary staffing of nursing care, long-term care, childcare, and construction industries. In particular, we hold top share in the long-term care and childcare industries and No. 2 share in the nursing industry (FY2019). Furthermore, our career advisors and staffs with high level knowledge in each industry working pationately side-by-side with both job seekers and clients to solve problems with passion is a great strength unique to our company. Above all, we are proud that the enthusiasm of our young staff is unrivaled by other companies.

TRYT Group’s growth strategy

COVID-19 has caused a massive changes to our daily lives and workstyle. Career choice ofthe job seekers and talent requirement by the industries are continuing to diversify. That is why we need to act flexibly and agilely by accurately grasping the changse and the needs of society. We will not be taken by what is happening in the world, with the right knowledge and the right strategy, powerful team with passion, TRYT Group will continue to grow further. TRYT Group is committed in solving the HR issues of our clients, and futher, contribute to the growth of their industries


Mr. Sasai joined TRYT Group (formerly known as TS Group) in November 2019 as the Group CEO. Before joining the Group, he held top management positions in medical device and beverage companies. Prior to assuming these management positions, he worked for a large Japanese bank, foreign consulting firm, etc.