Human Capital Initiatives

The TRYT Group aims to create a workplace environment that is both comfortable and rewarding for everyone, regardless of their attributes or employment form. To create a future where everyone has a fulfilling life as declared in our Purpose, we focus on building a system for providing our employees with opportunities for growth and helping their capability development on the basic premise of ensuring an environment where employees can work safely and securely. Based on our three Values—“Exceed social expectations,” “For patients, care recipients and their stakeholders” and “Evolve by changing,” we devote efforts to fostering a corporate culture of employees having a positive impact on society.

Initiatives to promote diversity

The TRYT Group believes that great innovations are born when all employees, each with a different background, can maximize their abilities. With fair assessment of work performance regardless of age, gender, academic background, or nationality, we provide a rewarding work environment and opportunities, as well as support, to improve their skills.

—Initiatives of the Office for Promoting Women’s Active Career Engagement

To become a corporate group where women can achieve career development, the TRYT Group has in place the Office for Promoting Women’s Active Career Engagement, under the direct report to the President and Representative Director CEO. In FY2023, 43 female employees participated in programs implemented by the office. Programs offered by the Office include regular training and discussions on such themes as career management and communication skills. Through these programs, we aim to create a community where female employees can consult with each other and support them in developing their own careers. With the activities of this Office as a starting point, we will create an environment where all employees can work actively regardless of gender or employment form and will encourage them to build a career that suits them.


Employees experiencing wheelchair basketball at a training session held by the Office for Promoting Women’s Active Career Engagement


Training on “Practicing the Corporate Philosophy and Building a Career”

—Introduction of a mission grade system

The TRYT Group has introduced a mission grade system in which the amount of remuneration is determined based on the expected role of each employee and their fulfillment thereof, regardless of their age or the year of their entry into the Group. Therefore, there is no pay gap between men and women at the same mission grade or evaluation level. Meanwhile, to reduce the general pay gap between men and women, we will promote initiatives to increase the ratio of female managers.

Employment of People with Disabilities

Utilizing a satellite office service for people with disabilities, we have two satellite offices in total, one in Osaka (West part of Japan) and the other in Kanagawa (East part of Japan). Employees in those offices engage in work such as checking system information used by the sales headquarters and producing business cards, etc. Through our business operations, we aim to foster a corporate culture of recognizing each other’s role and supporting each other.

Human capital-related indicators

The TRYT Group has set key performance indicators and target values for them as follows:

Indicators Progress in the fiscal year ended December 2023 Target value for the fiscal year ending December 2025
Ratio of female employees*1 34.0% 36.0%
Ratio of female managers*1 & *2 12.5% 20.0%
Ratio of outside directors*3 50.0% More than 50%
Ratio of female executives*4 18.8% 20.0%

*1:This ratio refers to full-time employees on a consolidated bases of TRYT Group.

*2:The ratio of female managers is calculated in line with the Act on the Promotion of Women’s Active Engagement in Professional Life and includes those in specialist jobs equivalent to managers.

*3:This ratio is based on TRYT Co., Ltd.

*4:“Executives” refer to Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members and Executive Officers, including part-time at TRYT Co., Ltd.