Priority Themes

4 Priority Themes and specific initiatives

1.Promoting the retention of human resources in the healthcare, welfare and construction industries while creating diverse job opportunities

  • Matching of HR needs
  • Supporting reemployment of potential qualification holders
  • Skill development through qualification acquisition and establishing a dedicated team
To help the medical, welfare, and construction industries improve their employee retention rate, the TRYT Group provides matching services that fulfill human resources needs by leveraging the knowledge and experience of its staff, including career advisors around Japan. The Group also focuses on supporting latent qualified workers in the medical and welfare industries, who are qualified to work in the industries but have left their work due to changes in their life stages or other circumstances or do not have a job utilizing their qualifications, so that they can return to work in the industries. We contribute to the creation of job opportunities in the medical and welfare industries by offering job seekers a wide choice so that they can work as they like.

TRYT Career Inc., which provides job placement and temporary staffing services in the medical and welfare industries, a subsidiary of TRYT Inc., runs the Kaigo Worker College, a care-worker training school that offers the Kaigo shokuin shoninsha kenshu (care worker introduction course), an introductory qualification for care workers. The company encourages people who are interested in the nursing care profession and provides them with both a place to acquire technical and professional skills and employment support, thereby helping produce effective human resources for nursing and medical care providers and supporting the career development of workers in the nursing care field. In this initiative, TRYT Career has been selected as a subsidized business operator for the Career Advancement Support Project through Reskilling, implemented by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Those over the age of 18 will be fully exempted from tuition fees at the Kaigo Worker College if they attend all classes and actually obtain the qualification by passing the final exam.
In the construction industry as well, the TRYT Group works on capability development by supporting workers’ efforts to acquire qualifications and has expert teams that assist the industry in employee retention and other issues.

2.Supporting the creation of a work-friendly environment for professionals in the healthcare and welfare industry

  • Providing ICT solutions
  • Supporting the digitization of elderly care field
  • Developing healthcare IT talent
To reduce the burden of workers and improve labor productivity in the medical and welfare industries, the TRYT Group supports the introduction of information and communication technology (ICT) into the frontline of these industries. BRIGHTVIE Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of TRYT Inc., that develops systems for nursing care providers, listens carefully to respective issues and challenges that those providers are facing and proposes ICT solutions to them. Specifically, the company provides Care Data Connect, a platform that supports the entire range, from the collection of data from nursing-care and medical devices produced by Japanese and overseas health tech manufacturers to the coordination, analysis, and utilization of those data. The company also provides Carez Connect, a communication tool designed to assist nursing care providers in employee retention. By offering these products, the company strives to create a work-friendly environment that ensure nursing care professionals to continue their work.
In addition, the ICT BPO Center, located in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, provides reskilling opportunities for qualified nurses, care workers, etc. and helps them become professionals with both work experience in the healthcare field and knowledge of nursing-care software and utilize ICT in the nursing care field.We also dispatch engineers and healthcare professionals with IT skills to ICT companies to support improve productivity and efficiency in medical and welfare facilities.

Carez Connect, a communication platform designed especially to assist nursing care providers in employee retention

高松市「ICT BPOセンター」

ICT BPO Center in Takamatsu City

3.Cultivating a corporate culture that ensures employee growth and job satisfaction

  • Driving Purpose Value penetration activities
  • Recognizing outstanding employees through TRYT Award
  • Expanding diversity promotion initiatives
The TRYT Group aims to enhance both the engagement and motivation of its employees through business activities, based on its Purpose, which defines what the Group pursues, and its Values, which provide its employees with action guidelines. As an initiative to encourage employees both to remain aware that the Group must provide value to society and to improve their action accordingly, a Group-wide event called the “Purpose Journey”* is held twice every six months. The event not only creates opportunities for dialogue between management and employees but also allows all employees to discuss and share the vision for value provision based on the Purpose, as well as offering rank-based training to managers, new employees, etc.
In addition, to increase employees’ motivation and share the best practices, the annual TRYT Award is granted to employees who have achieved various achievements. In FY2023, the award was presented to 25 employees. Furthermore, we aim to improve the employee retention rate by evaluating employees properly and providing helpful feedback to them.

* Group-wide activities where all employees explore the path and approach toward leveraging their own strengths based on the Values in pursuit of both their own and the Group’s growth with a view to fulfilling the Purpose

“Purpose-Values” workshop for managers

4.Building and operating a management foundation that supports sustainable business growth

  • Ensuring workplace safety
  • Enhancing education program on compliance and risk management
  • Strengthening cybersecurity measures
We are committed to building and operating a management foundation for the sustainable growth of our business by ensuring an environment where employees can work safely and securely, thoroughly managing compliance risks, and strengthening our governance system. In addition, to ensure that employees can work without any concern, the Safety and Health Committee conducts surveys, deliberations, and improvement activities on a regular basis. We also allow employees to undergo health checkups and stress checks, as well as install AEDs at our business sites around Japan. Through these measures, we aim to ensure the safety and security of our employees.
Moreover, we value employee compliance education to achieve our sustainable growth and earn social trust. We not only have in place rules for legal compliance and harassment prevention but also implement such measures as conducting regular compliance training and monitoring, establishing and continuously operating a “Compliance Hotline,” and preventing the recurrence of compliance violations. Furthermore, we are working to strengthen our cybersecurity system, establish and expand security supervisory functions, respond to risks that need to be addressed, and clarify risk tracking and response methods, including mitigation, acceptance, transfer, and avoidance. Also, we train our employees to increase their IT literacy, for example, by conducting email response drills in anticipation of targeted attacks. In FY2023, 100% of eligible employees* participated in the compliance and cybersecurity training programs.

* Eligible employees for cybersecurity training were full-time employees, contract employees, and temporary employees.