TRYT Group - Human Resources Development

The corporate slogan of the TRYT Group is “Transform the future of society by changing one person’s tomorrow.” We work for a better future together with people who believe in their own potential and take on challenges. We believe that such continuous efforts will give courage to those who seek change and take the first step, and support them to move forward. TRYT Group is committed to creating a vibrant society where people could live with pride in their work.

Initiatives for Diversity and Inclusion

As times change, diversity in lifestyles and people's values is increasingly recognized.  TRYT Group believes that great innovations are born when each employee with different backgrounds can maximize his or her abilities. We respect those who do not set their own limits and continue to challenge themselves. With fair assessment of work performance regardless of age, gender, academic background, or nationality, we provide a rewarding work environment and opportunities, as well as support to improve their skills.

Initiatives of the Office for Promoting Women's Active Career Engagement

In March 2021, we established the Office for Promoting Women's Active Career Engagement under the direct supervision of the President and Representative Director with the aim of building a company in which women play active roles. We strive to create an organization where women are actively involved for their successful career by providing periodic training sessions with the theme of such as career management, motivation management, optimizing communication, so on. Furthermore, we create an work environment in which all employees, regardless of biological sex, can actively engage in their work and encourage them to build their own unique career development.

Participants in training sessions




Through the activities of the Office for Promoting Women's Active Career Engagement, connections among the peer group members and cooperation across departments have been strengthened. As a new initiative, we have started aluminum can pull tab collection activity toward building a sustainable society. We plan to exchange the collected pull tabs for wheelchairs, which will be donated to welfare facilities.

Employment of People with Disabilities

Utilizing a satellite office service for people with disabilities, we have two satellite offices in total, one in Osaka (West part of Japan) and the other in Kanagawa (East part of Japan). Employees in those offices engage in the work such as checking system information used by the sales headquarters, which is a key element of the operational services we provide, and producing business cards, etc. By connecting with each other while providing support directly related to services, we aim to foster a corporate culture of mutual recognition and support for each other's roles.