TRYT launches a renewed corporate website under the concept of “Connecting for innovative solutions—Showing its role in society in solving challenges faced by the healthcare industries—

  • 2023.07.24

  • TRYT Inc. (Head Office: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture; Tokyo Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hidetaka Sasai; hereinafter, the “Company” or “TRYT”), a leading placement company for the healthcare and welfare industries and a provider of digital solutions for the healthcare and welfare industries,  hereby announces that it has launched a renewed its corporate website.

    [New key visual of the TRYT Group]

    The TRYT Group provides placement and temporary staffing services and digital solutions with a view to solving challenges caused by labor shortages mainly in the healthcare industries. Against the background of the ongoing decrease in the Japanese population due to population aging combined with a declined birthrate, the TRYT Group has also launched an initiative to create new businesses and value by utilizing ICT and data, thereby reducing workloads on healthcare and welfare staff and increasing their productivity, with the aim of supporting the sustainable development of the healthcare industries, which are an essential part of social infrastructure.

    Taking advantage of its listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market as an opportunity, the Company has renewed its corporate website in hope of working with heightened awareness of its own status as a responsible member of society to create a better society together with its stakeholders.

    The new key visual, with two large hoops in green—the corporate color of TRYT—embodies the Company’s attitude and hope of connecting people to each other, people to society, and the present to the future through the services it provides to customers. The design and structure of the corporate website have also been completely revised to enable as many stakeholders in Japan and abroad as possible to better understand the Company’s activities, including its management policy and businesses, IR information, and its initiatives to realize a sustainable society.

    The TRYT Group will continue to contribute to solving social challenges through its business activities with the aim of creating a society where everyone can live a happy life.

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    [About TRYT]
    TRYT aims to create fulfilling working environments for healthcare and welfare workers by providing human resource services and digital solutions as part of its mission to solve social challenges faced by the healthcare and welfare industries. In its main business field of placement and temporary staffing services, TRYT is a leading placement company in the healthcare and welfare industries. Career advisors stationed at TRYT’s branches in 28* prefectures offer consulting services across Japan. The Company will also accelerate its efforts to enhance direct recruiting services and explore new ICT-related businesses, thereby contributing to realizing a sustainable society. *as of July 2023

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