TRYT renames its job placement service website for nursing professionals from Iryou Worker to Kangoshi Worker

  • 2023.09.05

  • Opening a new website, Medical Gishi Worker, by unifying the names of the separate job service sites for clinical technologists, clinical engineers, and radiology technicians

    TRYT Career Inc. (Tokyo Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Osaka Head Office: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture; CEO: Hidetaka Sasai), a group company of TRYT Inc., which conducts business in job placement services, specializing in the medical, nursing care, and childcare fields, and digital solution services, is pleased to announce that it has renamed its job placement service websitefor nursing professionals, Iryou Worker, to Kangoshi Worker. Meanwhile, the company will unify the names of separate job service sites for clinical technologists, clinical engineers, and radiology technicians under a new website name, Medical Gishi Worker.

    The TRYT Group has supported many people in their career change and job hunting for more than 17 years since having established the website Iryou Worker in 2006 as a medium to provide job services for nursing professionals. Our group currently boasts a leading share in the market for job services in the nursing field*1. With recent efforts to rename the website Iryou Worker to Kangoshi Worker and to merge our separate service sites for clinical technologists, clinical engineers, and radiology technicians under a new site name, Medical Gishi Worker, we will strive to further expand our services and improve user convenience for nurses and medical technologists.

    New name: Kangoshi Worker

    New name: Medical Gishi Worker

    *In commemoration of the unification of the websites’ names, the new site, Medical Gishi Worker, will carry out a special campaign for new contracting companies. For more information, please contact us from here.
    *1: An in-company investigation

    Furthermore, we will expand the service target of TRYT Worker, a comprehensive service site for job seekers in the medical and welfare industry, to include those registered on the Hoikushi Worker and Eiyoushi Worker websites in addition to those registered on the Kangoshi Worker (former Iryou Worker) and Kaigo Worker websites. Users of each site will be able to use My Page, where they can receive job offers from companies and institutions.

    TRYT Career will provide multi-faceted job services that combine real and digital realms. In particular, we continue to offer fine-tuned services using a system in which the same advisor closely works with both the job seeker and company/institution. Meanwhile, we will operate job service sites that contain useful information for career change activities and various occupations along with an official LINE account to provide information that supports job change activities of users.

    [About TRYT Career Inc.]
    TRYT Career Inc. is a company that provides job placement and temporary staffing services specializing in the  and welfare fields. “We create a future where everyone has a fulfilling life by solving the issues faced by essential industries with a focus on medical welfare.” Under the purpose stated above, we will strengthen our strategies relating to human resource development and career support in addition to our major services of job placement and temporary staffing. These efforts aim to help solve social issues related to the chronic shortage of human resources in the medical, nursing care, and childcare industries.

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