TRYT Career Announces the opening of Okinawa branch

  • 2022.06.01

  • Osaka-shi, Osaka – Jun 1, 2022 – TRYT Career Inc. which provides recruiting and temporary staffing services in the healthcare and childcare field has opened Okinawa branch office in Naha City, its first base in Okinawa region.

    TRYT Career will start operations with a division that handles the placement and staffing service of childcare workers at new Okinawa branch opening.

    This is the second branch in Okinawa for TRYT Group, recruiting and temporary staffing business group that includes TRYT Career, following TRYT Engineering Inc. which provides services for the construction industry.

    TRYT Careers is actively developing regional offices to provide proactive support to job applicants and businesses offering jobs, with career advisors who are well informed about the requirements of customers and regional characteristics. Through the operation of the Okinawa branch, TRYT Career will be close to the people working in the healthcare and childcare industry and contribute to developing those industries in the Okinawa region.

    Detailed information on the new branch office 

    Branch name  -  Okinawa Branch Office, TRYT Career Inc.

    Opening date  -   June 1, 2022

    Address  -  6F COI Naha Building, 2-3-15 Kume, Naha City, Okinawa, Japan