TRYT appoints Dr. Kazumi Horiguchi, MD, PhD, Surgeon as a corporate advisor

  • 2023.12.01

  • TRYT Inc. (Tokyo Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hidetaka Sasai), a leading placement company and a provider of digital solutions for the medical and welfare industries, hereby announces that, effective December 1, 2023, we have appointed Dr. Kazumi Horiguchi, MD, PhD, as a corporate advisor.

    In our group’s “Medium-Term Management Plan for FY2023-2025 (“TRYT2025”), we aim to promote the creation of a fulfilling work environment for workers in the medical and welfare industries by leveraging the experience, know-how, and strengths that we have cultivated in the field of human resources to provide a wide range of services and solutions that will help solve social issues facing these industries. By incorporating the wide-ranging experience and knowledge of Dr. Kazumi Horiguchi in the medical field into the management of our group, we will make a further contribution to solving issues in the medical and welfare industries through strengthening human resource services in our existing business area, providing the ICT solutions required in medical and welfare settings, and creating new businesses.

    ■ Comment from Hidetaka Sasai, President and Representative Director CEO, TRYT Group

    Our company’s purpose is that “We create a future where everyone has a fulfilling life by solving the issues faced by essential industries with a focus on medical and welfare.” Based on this purpose, we work to solve human resource shortages, improve workplace productivity, and support the creation of comfortable workplaces in medical and welfare settings. At this time, we have decided to welcome Dr. Kazumi Horiguchi as our corporate advisor, who has worked on front-line treatment at a university hospital and private hospitals and has a wide range of experience and specialized knowledge as a clinic manager and a corporate advisor. With her participation, we will use her wealth of experience and knowledge in business expansion and service development in the medical and healthcare fields in the TRYT Group, and aim to create new value and achieve sustainable growth.

    ■ Comment from Dr. Kazumi Horiguchi

    I am very happy and proud to have been invited to join TRYT Inc. as a corporate advisor. I am determined to work with passion to build sustainable, high-quality medical solutions that will bring new value to the future medical and welfare industries, using my knowledge and experience, in cooperation with other members of the TRYT Group. In line with the purpose of TRYT Group and with a sense of mission related to health and happiness in mind, I will strive to contribute to the further development of the TRYT Group.

    ■ Biography of Dr. Kazumi Horiguchi

    Mar. 1998  Graduated from School of Medicine, Kumamoto University School of Medicine
    Apr. 1998  Joined the (former) Department of Surgery II, Kumamoto University Hospital
    Apr. 1999  Department of Surgery, Minamata City General Hospital & Medical Center
    Jul. 2001   Department of Surgery, Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital
    Sep. 2002  Department of Surgery II, Kumamoto University Hospital
    Oct. 2002  Department of Surgery, Tokyo Metropolitan Cancer and Infectious Diseases Center Komagome Hospital
    Jan. 2018  Joined Garden Clinic
    Feb. 2019  Appointed as Director of Garden Clinic Yokohama
    Jun. 2020  Opened Appearance Beauty Clinic ®︎

    [About TRYT Inc.]
    TRYT Inc. aims to create comfortable working environments for medical and welfare workers by providing human resource services and digital solutions for its mission: “We create a future where everyone has a fulfilling life by solving the issues faced by essential industries with a focus on the medical and welfare industry.” In its main business field of placement and temporary staffing services, TRYT is a leading placement company in the healthcare and welfare industries. Career advisors stationed at TRYT branches in 28 prefectures around Japan offer consulting services. TRYT will accelerate its efforts to enhance direct recruiting services and explore new ICT-related businesses, thereby contributing to realizing a sustainable society.

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