“Kangoshi Worker” ranked first in “abundance of job openings ” in the 2024 Oricon Customer Satisfaction® Survey: Rankings of Career-change Support Services for Nurses

  • 2024.02.09

  • TRYT Career Inc. (Tokyo Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo: Hidetaka Sasai), a group company of TRYT Inc., a leading placement company and digital solutions provider for the medical and welfare industries, is pleased to announce that its job placement service website for nursing professionals “Kangoshi Worker” was ranked No. 1 in “abundance of job openings” in the 2024 Oricon Customer Satisfaction® Survey: Rankings of Career-change Support Services for Nurses.

    The said rankings are based on a survey conducted by oricon ME Inc. on 896 nurses in their 20s to 60s who have used temporary job placement agencies. In this survey, Kangoshi Worker was ranked No. 1 in “abundance of job openings” among the employment agencies surveyed.

    TRYT Career has supported many people in their career change and job hunting since its launch of Kangoshi Worker*1 in 2006. Currently, we have branch offices in 28 prefectures and provide job information for nurses, assistant nurses, public health nurses, and midwives in a wide range of areas in Japan. At TRYT Career, each sales representative (“career advisor”) specializing in the nursing field provides dedicated fine-tuned support for both job seekers and employers, by taking into consideration not only the desired employment conditions for job seekers, but also the policies and activities of individual facilities. We also provide support for potential workers holding qualifications to help them return to work.

    TRYT Career will strive to expand employment opportunities for nursing professionals by continuing to provide abundant job information and further improving its service quality, with the aim of solving the shortage of human resources in the nursing care industry.

    *1: The name of the website at the time in 2006 was “Iryou Worker”; it was renamed “Kangoshi Worker” in September 2023.

    ■Overview of “2024 Oricon Customer Satisfaction® Survey: Rankings of Career-change Support Services for Nurses”
    Survey conducted by: oricon ME Inc
    Survey method: Internet survey
    Number of samples: 896
    Required number of respondents: 100 or more
    Survey period : Sep. 7 – Oct. 6, 2023; Jul. 21 – Aug. 29, 2022; Jul. 13 – Aug. 6, 2021
    Number of companies surveyed: 8
    Survey targets: Gender: Not specified Age: 20-69 years Region: Nationwide
    Requirements: Nurses who have changed careers using temporary job placementagencies within the past seven years
    Definition: Companies that specialize in the medical field, among those that provide services for both client companies seeking nurses and job-seeking nurses to help them find human resources or employers that meet their respective requirements. However, the following are excluded.
    1) Companies with a significantly low percentage of placement services in their human resources business
    2) Search-type headhunting companies
    3) Companies offering employment services only in certain areas

    [About TRYT Career Inc.]
    TRYT Career Inc. is a company that provides job placement and temporary staffing services specializing in the medical and welfare fields. “We create a future where everyone has a fulfilling life by solving the issues faced by essential industries with a focus on medical welfare,” Under the purpose stated above, we will strengthen our strategies relating to human resource development and career support in addition to our major services of job placement and temporary staffing. These efforts aim to help solve social issues related to the chronic shortage of human resources in the medical, nursing care, and childcare industries.

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