TRYTGroup launches Hataraku Search, a completely free job search site specializing in “Hello Work” job openings

  • 2023.11.01

  • TRYT Inc. (Tokyo Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo;CEO: Hidetaka Sasai), a leading placement company and a provider of digital solutions for the medical and welfare industries, has announced that HAB&Co. Inc.,  (Head Office: Oita City, Oita Prefecture; CEO: Yuta Mori, hereinafter, “HAB&Co.”), a group company of TRYT Inc., which develops and operates services based on HR tech, has begun offering Hataraku Search, a completely free job search site that specializes in “Hello Work*¹” job openings.

    *¹:Hello Work (Public Employment Security Office) is a comprehensive employment service agency operated by the government (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), providing free services for job seekers and employers. With over 500 locations nationwide, Hello Work offers a wide range of services, including extensive job placement, employment insurance, and employment support combining various national programs such as employment measures.

    Hataraku Search provided by HAB&Co. is a recruitment website that introduces job opening information from Hello Work, which has over 500 offices that handles tens of thousands of job openings nationwide, and provides job seekers with comprehensive support from job search to application. The website responds to the diverse needs of job seekers, as shown below. “I want to know what kind of jobs are available at Hello Work, but it’s a little difficult to physically go there.” “Can’t I do everything online, from creating the necessary documents for a job application to applying for a job?” “I want to work in my own way—wearing whatever I want, working the hours I want, in a working style I want!”

    By using this site, users can search and view “Hello Work” job information anytime and anywhere from their computer or smartphone. The website not only helps users find a job that suits them through a variety of search criteria, but also provides them with assistance in creating a CV or resume, applying for a job, and sending the necessary documents all in a one-stop service in order to enhance convenience for job seekers.

    ■Characteristics of Hataraku Search

    Users can search for jobs that suit them using a variety of search criteria.
    Users can narrow down the list of companies and job openings that suit them not only based on criteria such as area and employment type, but also criteria such as the type of human resources the company is looking for and the work style that it offers. Users can also save job openings that interest them as favorites.

    Anyone can easily create application documents (CV/resume)
    Another feature of Hataraku Search is that it helps users create application documents with ease. Users can easily create a CV or resume by simply selecting template sentences from among various examples and changing them to suit their career history. They can also print out the documents they have created and use them for other applications.

    Application documents can be sent online, all for free.
    With Hataraku Search, all the work needed to apply, from printing to shipping the application documents, can be completed online*², saving you time and money.

    *²:There is a limit to the number of applications that can be submitted per month.
    *²:Documents will be shipped by regular mail using the e-on-demand delivery service (Nexway Co., Ltd.).
    *²:Includes job openings that are not subject to the online service (online applications are not accepted).

    ■Hataraku Search Website

    ・Service introduction page :
    ・Job opening information page :
    *All job information handled on this website is obtained from “Hello Work” Internet Service and posted in accordance with the site policy.

    [About TRYT Inc.]
    TRYT Inc. aims to create comfortable working environments for medical and welfare workers by providing human resource services and digital solutions for its purpose: “We create a future where everyone has a fulfilling life by solving the issues faced by essential industries with a focus on the medical and welfare industry.” In its main business field of placement and temporary staffing services, TRYT is a leading placement company in the healthcare and welfare industries. Career advisors stationed at TRYT branches in 28 prefectures around Japan offer consulting services. TRYT will accelerate its efforts to enhance direct recruiting services and explore new ICT-related businesses, thereby contributing to realizing a sustainable society.

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